Tool: Cyber Risk Analysis

Cyber Risk Analysis Tool

Awareness is the first effective step of self-protection

What is the Cyber Risk Analysis tool?

This tool will ask you a series of questions across a number of areas relevant to the overall security of your business.

How does it help my business?

It will provide you with a risk rating of High, Medium or Low across five distinct areas and help identify areas of weakness that criminals and those with malicious intent may exploit. Ultimately it will help you protect your data and protect your business assets.

The tool is free, is there a catch?

Not at all. You have the option to pay for and download a report which sets out in more detail the questions, your responses, the risk rating and suggestions for improvement. You also have an option to talk to one of our experts who will help you and your business decide upon possible interventions. This might include, training, technical interventions, testing and equipment.

What about my data?

Use of the tool is free, we obtain the bare minimum of personal information (name and email address) that is to help us to identify your report should you wish to purchase one. We do not spam you or sell your email address. If we hear nothing further from you within 14 days, the answers to your questionnaire are deleted.

How does the cyber risk consultation work?

Each member of our team is carefully selected and has expertise in at least one of the areas covered in the analysis. Consultations can be conducted in person, or via video-conferencing or telephone, at a time convenient to you. We currently have experts in the following areas: Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, London and the Home Counties.

The greatest discretion and privacy is maintained throughout.


Free cyber risk analysis to offer an early indication of the level of risk your business is currently under.



Full Cyber Risk Analysis audit is conducted, with a full report delivered via secure means.



Full Cyber Risk Analysis audit, securely delivered report, and a one-to-one consultation with one of our security experts.