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04 January 2015

2015 recommendations

How time flies! I’ve just taken a look at my blog and realised that I haven’t posted anything since September 2014. In our defence its been an extremely busy year with lots of projects and new work particularly in the investigative arena. New Year resolution must post more!! Anyway a few recommendations; A must read, ‘The… View Article

27 September 2014

Digital currency & crime

On 17th September I was asked to speak at the Crypto Summit on the Isle of Man, the title of the presentation (given to me I hasten to add) was ‘The Spectre of Digital Crime’. The conference was labelled as ‘the meeting place for digital currency entrepreneurs looking to create and maintain ethical and registered… View Article

31 August 2014

Choosing your training provider

Just where do you start? There are many, many companies and individuals out there that offer Open Source Internet Investigation courses, specialised web research or whatever you choose to call it. There are companies and individuals who can make it all very complex and seem to want to make all this some sort of mystical… View Article

28 July 2014

OSINT or online research?

OSINT or Open Source ‘Intelligence’ is often used in this arena to describe this type of training or products that are produced from trawling the web. My personal view is that it’s a confusing term, and at times I think used to mystify what is essentially research. You cannot get intelligence from the Internet by simply… View Article

28 August 2013

Training schedule commences again September 2013

It’s been a few weeks off from the training over the Summer holidays but online investigations have kept us very busy. Coming weeks see us training in London with a major luxury retailer, a leading high street bank, The College of Policing and back to one of our favourite locations the Isle of Man. Then… View Article

20 September 2012

Cybercrime affecting millions of people every day

More than 1.5 million people around the globe are affected by online crime each day, a new report suggests. Social networks are big target for cybercriminals, with four out of ten users saying they have been the victim of some kind of platform hack. Read more:

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