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13 January 2017

Fake News and Customer Due Diligence

2017 already seems to be the year for fake news. Perhaps defined as websites, or social media posts that are an attempt to play on people who do not check sources and who just pass the news on. Many of us are guilty of ‘retweeting’ or ‘liking’ what I would know as the ‘recreational information’… View Article

04 October 2016

Compliance and social media

The importance of using social media during Online Customer Due Diligence Hearing news of the Kim Kardashian incident in Paris I have to confess that my first thought was “I wonder if this has some connection to oversharing on social media”? Whilst debate and the investigation continues it is yet another example of just how… View Article

26 September 2016

Can we stop the jargon please?

Jargon busting Just what is going on in the world of Open Source Internet Investigations? I have seen more jargon, abbreviations and acronyms in the past few months than you can shake a stick at. Is this ‘The Emperor’s new clothes or attempts by some working in this field to further mystify what is electronic… View Article

23 September 2016

Cyber Crime prevention

Cyber crime prevention, better than cure… Another day and another news item about a hack. This time it’s Yahoo and if the media are to be believed this has been known about for two years and it’s believed to be state sponsored. In other words, a foreign government has seen fit to infiltrate the Yahoo… View Article

07 September 2016

Enhanced Due Diligence

Search wide, search well when conducting Enhanced Due Diligence enquiries. It’s been a busy few months. Today I completed another two Enhanced Due Diligence reports. On the face of it two foreign businessmen who have a rather large empire. Initial searches didn’t turn up a great deal other than what I knew already. Even one… View Article

01 September 2016

Don’t be a victim of cyber crime

I heard a piece on the local radio a few days ago from someone offering his apparent expertise on cyber crime to local business.  The key messages? Change your password regularly and make sure you do your software updates. Now they are both clearly things that we should all be doing. However, the advice was in… View Article

22 August 2016

Autumn courses and dates

“Practical training and something I can take away and use in the workplace” A recent snippet of feedback from a course I delivered in Jersey. In fairness not an uncommon one. When I am not training I am conducting research, online investigations and due diligence enquiries for a wide range of clients. The learning I gain… View Article

17 June 2016

Digital Due Diligence CPD sessions update

The introductory session to ‘Digital Due Diligence ©’ in partnership with TLC Business Solutions here on the Isle of Man got underway last night. Both companies were very pleased with the attendance which clearly demonstrated once again the interest in this important subject. The course has been developed with Customer Due Diligence in mind and should… View Article

23 May 2016

Digital Due Diligence CPD sessions – Isle of Man

Delighted to announce that Intelect Solutions are now partnered with Sue Gee of TLC on the Isle of Man to deliver 2hr CPD sessions of the ‘Digital Due Diligence ©’ training that is normally delivered as a two day course. We are making training ever more flexible and keeping up with the need for greater understanding… View Article

10 May 2016

Customer Due Diligence is Digital

Your Customer Due Diligence enquiries ARE digital The vast majority of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is now conducted online, from interacting with your client by email, sending and receiving documentation and your online searches. It’s a digital world and it’s only going to get more so. The blockchain, digital currencies, the Internet of Things, cyber… View Article

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