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04 April 2018

#OSINT is Just a Hashtag

I saw a post today on social media. I won’t disclose it’s origins. The company concerned has been training OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for years. But has now chosen to rebrand course offerings because the UK police service have apparently recognised the term OSINT to be no longer appropriate. Now I am by no means… View Article

07 March 2018

My CDD Toolbox

I’m often asked on my Online Investigative Customer Due Diligence (CDD) courses if I provide a checklist of websites to use. Personally, I am against that approach, for me, it falls into the area of ‘tick box’ compliance. Something to be avoided if you want to be thorough and avoid the potential for regulatory action… View Article

14 April 2017

Want to Learn Compliance?

I have been in the training arena for some years now and understand the difficulties that you can face as a small company when getting the exposure for your services. There are larger companies out there who have a bigger marketing budget, maybe a global reach and others that just shout louder. I also know… View Article

06 February 2017

Investigations for the purposes of Anti Money Laundering

Tomorrow sees our next set of ‘Digital Due Diligence’© modules launch here on the Isle of Man. Already endorsed by the University College Isle of Man and the Manx ICT Assocation (MICTA) we are delighted to report that the course is now accredited by Skills for Justice Awards (SFJ Awards). This is after a lot… View Article

13 January 2017

Fake News and Customer Due Diligence

2017 already seems to be the year for fake news. Perhaps defined as websites, or social media posts that are an attempt to play on people who do not check sources and who just pass the news on. Many of us are guilty of ‘retweeting’ or ‘liking’ what I would know as the ‘recreational information’… View Article

04 October 2016

Compliance and social media

The importance of using social media during Online Customer Due Diligence Hearing news of the Kim Kardashian incident in Paris I have to confess that my first thought was “I wonder if this has some connection to oversharing on social media”? Whilst debate and the investigation continues it is yet another example of just how… View Article

26 September 2016

Can we stop the jargon please?

Jargon busting Just what is going on in the world of Open Source Internet Investigations? I have seen more jargon, abbreviations and acronyms in the past few months than you can shake a stick at. Is this ‘The Emperor’s new clothes or attempts by some working in this field to further mystify what is electronic… View Article

23 September 2016

Cyber Crime prevention

Cyber crime prevention, better than cure… Another day and another news item about a hack. This time it’s Yahoo and if the media are to be believed this has been known about for two years and it’s believed to be state sponsored. In other words, a foreign government has seen fit to infiltrate the Yahoo… View Article

07 September 2016

Enhanced Due Diligence

Search wide, search well when conducting Enhanced Due Diligence enquiries. It’s been a busy few months. Today I completed another two Enhanced Due Diligence reports. On the face of it two foreign businessmen who have a rather large empire. Initial searches didn’t turn up a great deal other than what I knew already. Even one… View Article

01 September 2016

Don’t be a victim of cyber crime

I heard a piece on the local radio a few days ago from someone offering his apparent expertise on cyber crime to local business.  The key messages? Change your password regularly and make sure you do your software updates. Now they are both clearly things that we should all be doing. However, the advice was in… View Article

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