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18 January 2019

Upcoming Intelect events

We’re kicking off 2019 with a couple of really relevant and interesting offerings. Firstly, on 25th February we are holding a conference about how to respond and deal with a Data Breach. We know from our clients that having the practical knowledge and skills to deal with such incidents is something they need. The Intelect… View Article

30 September 2018

Is Cyber Security Possible?

News feeds have been alight over the weekend with users in shock that Facebook has been subject of a cyber attack. Wasn’t this just a matter of time? Apparently in excess of 50m accounts have been affected. Factor in the impact of single sign ins with FB credentials and we really are at the tip… View Article

22 September 2018

Customer Due Diligence in the 21st Century Conference

We had a great day at the iMuseum earlier in the week. Intelect and Great Chatwell Academy partnered to deliver a day packed with presentations about crypto currency risk, the relevance of existing legislation in the world of Anti Money Laundering and how organised criminals are harnessing technology. We were extremely fortunate to have Minister… View Article

18 July 2018

Suggestions on Cyber Crime Prevention

It’s been an interesting week at Intelect HQ, it seems the ’phisher’men (and women) have been really busy. Taking advantage of impending holidays and the fact that we might be taking our eye off the proverbial ball maybe? Earlier in the week I was asked for a view regarding an email that had arrived in… View Article

17 July 2018

Dark Web Presentation – Isle of Man

I’m often asked “what is the Dark Web”? “Should I be worried about it”? “Why isn’t it illegal”? etc etc. In an attempt to address these questions and more I’m running a workshop at the brand new Barclays Eagle Lab, Douglas, Isle of Man on 12th September at 1700hrs. Who should attend? – The Dark… View Article

16 July 2018

Digital Security Events in September on Isle of Man

Security takes many forms and means different things to different organisations. It might be that your organisation needs to be secure in the knowledge that it is safe to do business with an individual or company. It may be that you need to educate your staff about the risks to your organisation from cyber-crime or… View Article

04 April 2018

#OSINT is Just a Hashtag

I saw a post today on social media. I won’t disclose it’s origins. The company concerned has been training OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) for years. But has now chosen to rebrand course offerings because the UK police service have apparently recognised the term OSINT to be no longer appropriate. Now I am by no means… View Article

07 March 2018

My CDD Toolbox

I’m often asked on my Online Investigative Customer Due Diligence (CDD) courses if I provide a checklist of websites to use. Personally, I am against that approach, for me, it falls into the area of ‘tick box’ compliance. Something to be avoided if you want to be thorough and avoid the potential for regulatory action… View Article

14 April 2017

Want to Learn Compliance?

I have been in the training arena for some years now and understand the difficulties that you can face as a small company when getting the exposure for your services. There are larger companies out there who have a bigger marketing budget, maybe a global reach and others that just shout louder. I also know… View Article

06 February 2017

Investigations for the purposes of Anti Money Laundering

Tomorrow sees our next set of ‘Digital Due Diligence’© modules launch here on the Isle of Man. Already endorsed by the University College Isle of Man and the Manx ICT Assocation (MICTA) we are delighted to report that the course is now accredited by Skills for Justice Awards (SFJ Awards). This is after a lot… View Article

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