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A VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is a useful application for a whole host of reasons. Here’s a quick summary;

What is it, what does it do? – A VPN is often described a secure tunnel for your online traffic. It encrypts your transmissions and protects data, your passwords and things like usernames. Vital if you are serious about protecting your stuff!

You can install a VPN on pretty much any device capable of accessing the Internet, your laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone for example.

Sounds complicated! – It really isn’t, there are a host of providers out there, with easy to follow applications and installation wizards. My personal favourite is Express VPN other options are of course available!

How much does it cost? – The cost varies, my own experience is that the more you pay the greater options and functionality you have. I would recommend you do not use free services, ask yourself, why would anyone offer to take care of your data for free?

A recent list appears here https://www.itproportal.com/guides/best-vpn-service/

Why would you use it? – If you value your security and privacy this really is a no brainer. It’s particularly useful if you have to access public WiFi as it stops the snoopers and cyber criminals.

If you use the Web to find information you can also appear to be in another country. This is particularly useful if you wish to avoid EU-GDPR restrictions and ‘Right to be Forgotten’ issues which apply within the European Union. In other words you might find more information if you are on a non European IP address.

If you are concerned about your visits to websites being tracked, then analytics will pick up the VPN’s IP address as your true address is obfuscated. However, I strongly recommend you check this as there have been occasions when the originating IP address is revealed. To check, fire up your VPN and visit infosniper.net or a site such as whatsmyip.org

Holiday abroad and want to watch BBC iPlayer or similar services? You can use a VPN to get access. Although increasingly service providers are recognising VPN servers and blocking them.

Hope you found this useful, I’ve had a VPN for years now and would not be without it. #dataprotection #cybersecurity #lockyourdigitaldoors

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