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Have you ever taken a look at your mobile phone browser history or cleared cookies, ever? Chances are you won’t even have thought about it. You really should give it a clean every so often, those pesky cookies lurking on your device will be tracking your behaviour, serving up adverts and sending your personal data to who knows where.

I’ve put together a few screen shots below to make it a bit easier. Because for the most part it is hidden away behind lots of clicks. Why? Because certain companies don’t want you to remove their electronic spies.

This is based on an iPhone using the Chrome browser, each browser and type of phone is likely to be slightly different.

Open Chrome and head to the three dots as indicated with the arrow.

This will reveal a number of options for you.

Press settings.

Head to the privacy icon, note that I disable passwords, payment methods and addresses. It’s a personal choice of course but I prefer to be minimalist here, in order to protect my information and data.

Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’ and voila, where we need to go is finally available. Please ensure all the options are ticked and press, you’ve guessed it… ‘Clear Browsing Data’.

And that is it, now I am pretty sure that Google will keep certain things on your device anyway but at least you are getting rid of most of it. I have yet to find a way of viewing what cookies are resident on the device.

Web based browsers are a little bit easier to clean and you can always use a browser extension. More on that one in another post.

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