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The introductory session to ‘Digital Due Diligence ©’ in partnership with TLC Business Solutions here on the Isle of Man got underway last night. Both companies were very pleased with the attendance which clearly demonstrated once again the interest in this important subject.

The course has been developed with Customer Due Diligence in mind and should not be confused with courses titled ‘OSINT’ or ‘Internet Investigations’. OSINT is Open Source Intelligence, and is a very broad term. In my opinion vastly overused and misunderstood ‘Open Source’ in the intelligence world can be summed up as anything that you can lay your hands on for free, newspapers, a telephone directory a witness statement and of course what you find on the ‘Web’. It is not intelligence. For anything to become intelligence it has to go through a process (see intelligence cycle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intelligence_cycle as an example). I’m part way through a very good book written by Max Hastings at the moment where he makes reference to the problems with ‘intelligence’ and says, “intelligence generates a vast, unreliable literature, some of it produced by protagonists for their own glorification or justification”. Highly applicable to what you may find online, we also deal with the investigative and questioning mindset you need to adopt when dealing with online information.

So this course will teach you how to search with a purpose to find the information you need to support your decision making, we will deal with online safety issues and security of information all underpinned by relevant practical exercises. This training can be delivered in a variety of formats, CPD sessions (ideal for the Isle of Man) a two day course (next one in Douglas 15/16th September), in house sessions or eLearning.

Enhanced Due Diligence is a mandatory part of the AML process, this course will help you get high quality online information, do it safely and protect it once you have it. It will also help you withstand scrutiny from regulators and enquirers.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss any aspect of the training, I’m always happy to explain in person or on the telephone.

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