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Your Customer Due Diligence enquiries ARE digital

The vast majority of Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is now conducted online, from interacting with your client by email, sending and receiving documentation and your online searches. It’s a digital world and it’s only going to get more so. The blockchain, digital currencies, the Internet of Things, cyber attacks and so on. They all have an impact on the legal and financial services industry.

I’m dispensing with the term OSINT (got to say I was never a fan) it’s misleading and for me is about sexing up online research. But I have to say I have played around with better course titles to make the offering understandable. So here we go, ‘Digital Due Diligence’. Are you involved in CDD and want to up skill?

My course covers three broad areas;

Searching (getting the information you want about clients and companies)

Safety (staying safe whilst you are online)

Security (being aware of your responsibilities in relation to the information once you have it, this includes DPA, EU-GDPR etc).

More details at this link http://www.intelectsolutions.im/scheduled-training/

There are a host of options available to you from the full two day course, in house training (I travel too), one aspect of the the course material, one to one, or eLearning see https://www.learncompliance.co.uk/my-courses/using-open-source-internet-techniques-for-aml-enquiries  Feel free to get in touch anytime.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!  🙂

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