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Want to ‘Learn Compliance’?

I’ve been in the training field for some time now and recognise the value of face to face learning. However, not everyone has the time, money or support to go to a venue to sit in a classroom. I’ve been encouraged for quite some time to come up with alternatives to the delivery of my own course material and to that end have worked for several months with a company to deliver that.

Last week www.learncompliance.co.uk was launched we currently have two courses available Open Source Internet techniques for AML enquiries and Anti-Money Laundering. There’s more content being prepared and will be in the platform very soon.

Learn Compliance will be striving to deliver relevant, up to date and credible training material in areas that require ‘compliance’. I am treating the term ‘compliance’ as broad and whilst current material is financial services related there is much more to come that will address numerous business areas.

Why might you be interested?

  • All our authors know their subject thoroughly, they continue to train and consult in their own right
  • Content is varied and in a number of different digital formats
  • If it’s CPD (Continuous Professional Development) that you wish to evidence you can download a certificate of completion after completing a series of knowledge checks
  • Maybe you just want to improve your understanding of a subject
  • Where relevant you will get access to a library of content
  • We are in the process of getting the content validated by an educational establishment to get the material endorsed
  • You can sign up for free and see what’s on offer, keep checking in as there is much more to come

Learn Compliance is also on Facebook and Twitter so please follow us.

All our courses are competitively priced. We all know that at times of stretched budgets training is the first area to suffer. eLearning gives you so many options, you work at your own speed, in your own or works time and its interactive.

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