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How time flies! I’ve just taken a look at my blog and realised that I haven’t posted anything since September 2014. In our defence its been an extremely busy year with lots of projects and new work particularly in the investigative arena. New Year resolution must post more!!

Anyway a few recommendations;

A must read, ‘The Dark Net’ by Jamie Bartlett, an extremely well researched book, highly relevant and a fascinating insight into the Dark Web and the psychology behind why people act in certain ways on these types of platforms. Its scary (this is the future) it’s insightful and amongst other things contains great reference material on digital currency and BitCoin. I can think of a few people who should take a look, it might just help clear the mist off those rose coloured spectacles.

Next an application www.echosec.net, I was contacted in December after posting on Twitter about some upcoming courses. I’ve seen a downturn over the past couple of years of the types of ‘Open Source’ (in other words free) websites that can trawl social media, apparently its do with Twitter et al toughening up on their API. Echosec has come onto the market and provide researchers with a free version of location based social media searches. Admittedly the free version is limited only to Twitter but its good nonetheless. I’ve been given a free trial of the next level up which includes Instagram, Flickr and Baidu (not a massive call for the latter) and have to say I’m impressed.

Finally book one of Intelect Solutions Internet Investigations courses! We have dates with our partners coming up in the early part of the year in Jersey & Guernsey (26th-29th January) contact www.comsuregroup.com for details. In London (24th-25th February) via Bond Solon contact http://www.bondsolon.com/courses/the-effective-and-lawful-use-of-the-internet-in-investigations/.

Watch this site for other dates that are currently being planned in the Isle of Man. Unfortunately two other courses in Northern Ireland and Cumbria are now fully booked.

Just a word about how we train, we are flexible to your needs, if you want a day of training, then we can do a day, if you want half a day then you can have half a day. Client needs are paramount to us.

Your trainer does this stuff day to day, we are not all about theory, we are an investigative company so we specialise in teaching you to use conventional investigative skills in the online environment. Anyone can come along and tell you how wonderful a website is, or lecture about the intricacies of technology. The exercises we use are tried and tested and are suitable for generic investigations, compliance, due diligence, intelligence gathering or even just to improve your research skills. The feedback we get reflects this approach, for example;

“The course was very well prepared, delivered professionally and overall top class! The amount of information, hints and tips provided is more than I was expecting but very much appreciated” 

“Although I already had a good understanding of utilising online searches, the knowledge passed on by Colin has helped me understand a more focused approach and will help my efficiency and results”

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