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Just where do you start?

There are many, many companies and individuals out there that offer Open Source Internet Investigation courses, specialised web research or whatever you choose to call it. There are companies and individuals who can make it all very complex and seem to want to make all this some sort of mystical puzzle or black art and charge you the earth! I have personal experience of those who wish to wrap this up and in a manner that is akin to ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ and charge you the UNIVERSE!

Of course you need an understanding of what the Internet is all about, what goes on behind the scenes, but liken this to driving a motor car, you need to check the tyres, the oil, the water and adjust your driving habits to suit the place you are driving in but there is no need to be saying to yourself “I can’t move out of the garage because I might have an accident!“. Don’t worry we’ll also teach you how to drive and navigate the Internet in a safe and practical fashion.

It is our view that if you teach this you should also be a practitioner, why? Because the Internet is a fast moving place, things change so very quickly. Anyone could turn up and talk to you and give you a list of very nice websites you should be using, but frankly those sites may not be there tomorrow and there might be a much better and more credible resource somewhere.

Intelect Solutions are practitioners and specialist investigators, we’ll discuss what you want and need and tailor the course to you and your organisation. We are doing research day in, day out and are not arrogant enough to think we know it all, we’re still learning!!! That’s the beauty of this type of work and why we love teaching it.

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